Comprehensive School
Improvement Plan

School District Vision

The Greenville R-II School District will provide the opportunity for all students to reach their full potential so they will become productive citizens.

School District Mission

The Greenville R-II School District will provide opportunity through education by offering a rigorous curriculum in all schools, developing character, and providing guidance so that all students may graduate college and/or career ready.

Values and Beliefs

Core Values:

• Potential
• High Expectations
• Accountability
• Safety
• Responsiveness


Every student deserves the opportunity to achieve his or her potential.

In order to ensure all students have the opportunity to reach their potential the Greenville R-II School District will:
• Ensure all classes/course are taught by a highly qualified teacher
• Provide Differentiated Instruction
• Make every effort to close achievement gaps
• Provide ongoing character education and teach self-discipline
• Provide ongoing guidance to all students

The district will foster a culture of high expectations.

To achieve high performance the Greenville R-II School District will have high expectations by:
• Having high academic and behavior standards for all students
• Requiring a “no excuses attitude” for academic performance
• Having an expectation of professional collaboration
• Providing a rigorous and aligned curriculum across all grade levels

The district will be open, transparent, and accountable to the public.

The Greenville R-II School District will maintain an open, transparent, and accountable relationship with the public by:
• Being fiscally responsible
• Providing effective communication to stakeholders
• Making policies and procedures easily accessible
• Periodically reviewing and assessing performance data
• Seeking community and parental involvement
• Allowing for public participation on all staff committees

All schools will be safe and supportive.

The Greenville R-II school district will provide a safe and supportive learning environment by:
• Providing adequate safety training to all staff
• Limiting public access in all buildings during the school day
• Providing for a school resource officer
• Being intolerant of bullying and discrimination
• Maintaining adequate school discipline

Public education should be responsive to an ever-changing world.

The Greenville R-II School district will strive to respond to change by:
• Ensuring ongoing professional development for all staff
• Continually reviewing and revising curriculum
• Making informed data-based decisions regarding all aspects of district operations
• Responding to public input
• Having an expectation of flexibility for all staff

Commitment to Educational Excellence


• The district has a written statement of philosophy through vision and mission statements
• The philosophy of the district is based on the success of all students
• The district’s philosophy is clearly communicated in the mission statement and applied to every aspect of the district’s operation, and curriculum in support of the school’s vision
• The philosophy of the district allows for differentiated learners so as to ensure individualized instruction


• The district is held accountable to the public
• The district honors all Sunshine and Freedom of Information Act Requests
• The district allows for public input through numerous avenues of communication
• The district seeks out public involvement through recruitment to district committees
• The district responds to public requests in accordance with board policy and procedures
• District employees act in the best interest of all students


• District programs are student centered
• The district provides all students the opportunity for intellectual, physical, emotional, and social development
• District administration strives to keep class sizes under MSIP 5 guidelines
• District programs are continually evaluated to ensure student needs are met
• There are appropriate safety nets in place for struggling students through Special Education and Title I services
• The elementary schools maintain discipline through the researched based School-Wide Positive Behavior Supports system
• The district has a tuition reimbursement program for dual credit courses and pays for all assessment fees in relation to career IRC’s (Industry Recognized Credentials) and AP exams.
• The district maintains commitment to the A+ program

Program of Instruction:

• The high school offers a diverse curriculum providing all students the opportunity to participate in various career clusters and/or participate in Advanced Placement and/or Dual Credit courses
• The district provides and supports three full time preschool classrooms
• The district provides and supports an active PAT (Parents as Teachers) Program
• The district consults with non-public schools in accordance with the law and in the best interest of students
• The district maintains a wide variety of extra-curricular activities with numerous clubs and team sports
• The district is committed to providing students the opportunity to interact with technology
• The district employs 100% highly qualified teachers
• The districts programs are planned and frequently evaluated by administration, teachers, students, and community members

• Students are given latitude to become involved with their learning, yet are provided with education across curricular disciplines

Professional Staff:

• All staff are highly qualified for their respective positions
• Staff members are required to participate in high quality professional development
• Through the district professional development plan substantial resources are allocated for professional development
• The school calendar allows paid time for professional development and collaboration
• Administration frequently plans and collaborates with staff from all departments
• All school buildings have regular and frequent staff meetings
• Administration acts as a cohesive team leading the school district in pursuit of the established vision
• The school is sufficiently staffed to offer a diverse learning experience
• There is a low rate of teacher turnover, having stayed below 15% for the past 5 years
• All paraprofessionals are appropriately qualified and supervised by a fully certificated teacher

Principles of Finance:

• The district maintains current, accurate, and detailed financial records
• The district financial resources are sufficient to adequately support the program of instruction
• The district maintains adequate property and liability insurance protection
• The district participates in an external audit each year
• The district operates with an annual budget
• All district accounting procedures are in accordance with DESE procedures outlined in the “School Accounting Manual”
• All financial records are backed up offsite
• There are adequate policies and procedures in place to protect the district against fraud
• All district employees are paid in accordance with a board set salary schedule
• The district pursues all available sources of funding including both private and federal grants
• All federal revenues and expenditures are effectively managed following the procedures of “Separate Tracking”, “Supplement not Supplant”, and “Cash Management” in accordance with federal, state, and local laws and policies


• All district facilities are clean, safe, and appropriate for their educational purpose
• The district maintains an active “Facilities Committee”
• The district employs a sufficient number of custodial and maintenance personnel
• There is a system in place for all employees to request maintenance
• Administration periodically evaluates the conditions in all district facilities
• The district operates with a long range plan concerning the addition/development of new and existing facilities
• The district strives to continually improve/replace and add new facilities based on the needs of the student population


• The district employs one full time technology specialist and one part technology specialist
• The district is part of the Erate Program
• A rotation has been established for teachers to receive updated laptop computers every three years
• The high school has two grant funded classrooms that updated every four years with the district retaining all equipment thereafter
• There are Smart-boards in every K-12 district wide
• The Jr. High has 80 iPads shared among the classrooms
• The Jr. High has 20 station computer lab
• The Greenville Elementary has two “EMINTs” styled classrooms
• The Greenville Elementary has a twenty-five station computer lab
• The Greenville Elementary added 49 Asus Google Chromebooks for student use in the fall of the 18-19 school year and will be adding 20 more in the fall of the 19-20 school year.
• The Elementary Library Media Specialist has ten IPADs for student use
• There are IPADs in every preschool and special education classroom
• The Williamsville Elementary Campus has a mobile lab consisting of thirty Macbook Airs
• The district has the full suite of Tyler Student Information Systems (SISK12) school managements systems
• The district utilizes an electronic Parent Portal
• The district utilizes the School Reach System (automatic calls)
• The district uses electronic marquees to communicate with stakeholders
• District personnel are committed to the integration of technology throughout the PK-12 program


• Greenville R-II annually contracts with the City of Greenville to provide a full time School Resource Officer (SRO)
• The district maintains a closed campus with all campus doors locked during school hours
• Each campus has a “buzz-in buzz -out system”
• There is a security camera network in all district campuses
• All staff members participate in annual ALICE training
• There is an AED located at each campus
• All staff receives annual basic first aid training
• District bus drivers receive annual safety and first aid training
• The district has annual inspections of all alarms and fire suppression systems
• The district receives an annual safety audit courtesy of Missouri United School Insurance Consortium (MUSIC)
• The district periodically (every five years) contracts with MSBA to conduct an in-depth safety audit
• There are gas shutoffs in each building, kitchen, and science lab
• All custodians have received training regarding the proper use, storage, and disposal of chemical substances

SWOT Analysis
(Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats)


• The district has an ambitious vision and mission

• Small teacher to student ratio

• 100% highly qualified staff

• High rate of community sup-port

• The school is the focus of the community

• Historical support of school bond issues has been overwhelmingly high

• Graduates have a high rate of post secondary success

• Students are competitive and state and local levels in Beta, FBLA, FCCLA, etc.

• The district is financially sound

• The majority of district facilities are well kept and structurally sound

• The Greenville Elementary is fairly new (in its sixth year)

• The district is committed the integration of technology across all levels

• There is an attendance and credit recovery program at the secondary level

• Low rates of student discipline

• The district participates in State approved Missouri Options Program

• Staff morale is high

• Students actively participate in the district’s wide array of extracurricular activities

• District staff are committed to academic excellence

• The district devotes substantial financial re-sources to PD


• Students lack exposure to diverse cultures

• The district’s rural location limits access to museums, theaters, libraries, etc.

• The student population as whole needs to take more pride in their academic achievement

• Students lack exposure to career opportunities

• The Williamsville Elementary lacks a private student nursing facility and indoor play area

• The district’s Sr.’s have a low rate of participation in ACT testing

• The district’s graduates are as a whole are scoring less than the state average on the ACT

• The district has a low percentage of graduates meeting standards for being college and career ready

• The district is not consistently meeting the “90% of 90%” attendance goals

• The main building at the Williamsville Elementary Campus is 50 years old

• The high school is nearing forty years old and is in need of some remodeling and updates

• The outbuildings at Williamsville Elementary are in bad need of re-placement


• There is a need for increased ACT preparation

• There is a need for more career education and counseling at all levels

• There is need for increased “at risk” programs for students in danger of failing/dropping out of school

• The Greenville Elementary is in need of more re-mediation services at the 3-6 grade levels

• There is need to increase availability of student technology especially at the elementary level

• District staff needs to better utilize the district website

• There is need for for further education regarding diversity

• The district needs to diversify methods in order to ensure more students are able to graduate college and career ready

• The district needs to increase efforts pertaining to improving student attendance


• The district has a high rate of poverty

• The district is geographically very large causing transportation hardships

• Many district programs rely on the availability of federal funding

• Many programs owe their success to a single person instead of the district’s culture